Destination Canada Mobility Forum is the key event for temporary or permanent immigration to Canada.

This annual forum organized by the Government of Canada provides qualified Francophone and bilingual candidates with information about Canada’s immigration programs and helps them expand their network, including with representatives from provinces and territories, cities and regions. Francophone organizations devoted to building Canada’s Francophone communities will also be present.

The forum also helps candidates connect with Canadian employers looking to fill positions outside Quebec.


Destination Canada Mobility Forum is for Francophone and bilingual candidates who are interested in living and working in French in Canada, outside Quebec.

Participation is free for all candidates, but the number of spots is limited.

Once you register, we’ll send you an invitation if you’re a bilingual or Francophone candidate who meets at least 1 of the following criteria:

If your request to participate is accepted, we’ll send you more details about your participation in the forum after we confirm your registration.

All registered candidates will have access to the virtual platform from December 8, 2023 until March 31, 2024 to visit the booths, view presentations and videos, and download documents.

What to expect from the forum

The Destination Canada Mobility Forum will connect you with:

  • Representatives from Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada, who will explain Canada’s immigration procedures
  • Representatives from Canada’s provinces, territories and Francophone communities, who will share information about their regions, cities, communities and immigration programs
  • People who will answer your questions about life in French in Canada (outside Quebec) and services offered to newcomers
  • Organizations that evaluate your educational credentials and run approved language tests for immigration to Canada
  • Employers who are looking to fill positions in Canada, in provinces and territories other than Quebec

You’ll also be able to attend conferences and workshops that will give you an overview of Canada.

Registration is closed


The Destination Canada Mobility Forum 2023 will focus on

  • providing Francophone immigration information and networking opportunities to candidates
  • helping candidates connect with Canadian employers looking to fill positions outside Quebec

Representatives from the provinces and territories, cities and regions, sector councils, associations and organizations from Francophone communities and settlement organizations outside Quebec as well as organizations responsible for educational credential assessments and approved language tests for immigration to Canada are invited to participate. Each province and territory taking part in the forum will be able to propose the participation of a few employers who have at least 10 positions to fill. Other Canadian employers will be able to share their job offers with exhibitors from their province or territory, city or region, or with an economic development agency who will attend the forum.

Participation is free, but you must register first. We will send you more information about the event once we have confirmed your registration.

As an exhibitor at Destination Canada Mobility Forum, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Promote your province, territory, region or municipality as an immigration destination
  • Promote the pan-Canadian Francophonie
  • Meet, orient and inform qualified Francophone immigration candidates
  • Meet local labour needs by connecting candidates with Canadian employers
  • Find talents that correspond to the job offers posted

Registration is closed.

Frequently Asked questions

The list of exhibitors will be in the Guide to the Forum that will be sent a few days before the opening to the visitors invited to participate. It will also be on the mobile app and on the virtual platform.
All the job offers associated with the event will be listed on the virtual platform and the mobile app.
Several employers will participate directly in the forum. Others will submit their job offers to the organizations present.
We can invite you to Destination Canada Mobility Forum as an information and networking event, even if there are no job offers that match your profile.
You must each register for the same day and indicate the name and email address of the other person in the registration form.
Don’t be a victim of fraud: participation in the forum is free for visitors and exhibitors. If someone asks you to pay to participate, remain vigilant and do not make any payment.
The last day to register is October 29, 2023. Invitations will be sent out starting November 8, 2022.
You can edit your profile and update your CV up until October 29, 2023. Please note, however, that requests to participate will be reviewed starting September 18th. Take time to update your CV, in Canadian format, before you register. If you do not include a CV in your initial request you could be refused.
If you are registered, you will be able to visit the booths, view the videos and recordings of the conferences, and download the documents from December 8, 2023 until March 31, 2024. You will also be able to apply for any jobs that are still available.
No. By participating in the forum, you will obtain information and make useful contacts for your settlement project in Canada. You will not receive points or other benefits in the immigration process.
When you register, you must choose whether you want to participate in Paris or Rabat or during the live online days. Only one participation is possible. All candidates who have applied to participate will have access to the virtual platform from December 8, 2023 to March 31, 2024.
The province of Quebec organizes its own activities to support employers in that province. Visit the Journées Québec website for more information.
Once you have been invited, it is not possible to change the date, as the maximum number of visitors for each day has been reached. You will be able to access the virtual platform from December 8, 2023 to March 31, 2024.